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Avoid sub-standard writing

Meet deadlines. Graduate on time. Present your ideas clearly with lean, taut, and efficient writing. Contact our experienced editing team to see how we can help you today.

Proofreaders In Academic Writing

Being academics and having once struggled as students, we fully understand the financial and time constraints of students. For this reason, FHP offers the most value for money editing and proofreading services.

FHP Support

All edited manuscript receive free support

ISI coaching

Have your manuscript reviewed by the experts. We offer step-by-step strategies to enhance your research.

Comments & Suggestions

Our expert teams of editors will help direct you to a balanced and well-reasoned research.

argument evaluation

Academic writing is all about arguments. FHP strengthens your argument with strong wording, correct sequencing, and proper supporting evidence. Contact us today for a logically clear, sound, and structured manuscript.

Grammar & Usage Errors

Even the most proficient English native-speaker will make mistakes when composing their text. Grammar and usage errors are commonplace and require a second set of eyes to be found. FHP ensures that the writing is clear, the thoughts are well presented, and the tone is appropriate for the intended audience.

copy editing

FHP ensures your work is organised and logical, and that quotes and borrowed material are properly acknowledged. We correct conceptual problems, point out inconsistencies, and correct redundancies, hyperbole, and euphemisms.

Tracked Changes

FHP uses Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature for transparent editing.

Certificate of Editing

Upon request, we provide you with an official Certificate of Editing. This is useful when submitting to journals and universities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

FHP takes its responsibilities to the community seriously. We regularly donate a portion of our earnings to charity. A portion of your payment will be donated to a registered charity. There is no markup of prices. This is charity in the full sense of the term.

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